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 Salt Sources


Here are salt sources for the protocol:

1.  Online source for CMC salt tablets:

CMC sodium chloride tablets 1 gram 100 tabs

CMC sodium chloride tablets 1 gram 1000 tabs

2.  Source For Canadians (thanks Lisa!)

"I saw your post about availability of sodium chloride tabs in other countries.  I am in Ontario, Canada and have tried a number of pharmacies here and they could not find anyone who manufactured salt tabs here in Ontario.  So I have ordered mine from a pharmacy in Niagara Falls, New York, that I have purchased Bicillin-LA shots from in the past.  The U.S border is about an hour and half away from where I am....but this pharmacy will also ship to Canada...I don't know how the price compares, but I bought 500 CMC tabs at a cost of $28.31 UDS plus $6.00 USD for the shipping to Canada, by Global Priority Mail.  The shipping on the outside of the package actually said $11.00, but they only charged me $6.00, maybe next time they will charge me the $11.00.    My total was $34.31
It is:   Pine Pharmacy                        
          1806 Pine Avenue|
          Niagara Falls, N.Y. 14301
          1-800-355-1112  or 716-282-1112"

3.  Source For Australians (thanks Rosemary!)

In Australia go to   They have Toppins salt tabs for $8.99 for 100 tablets.  Local chemists charge as much as $12 or more.  They charge $5.50 postage but thatís still cheaper if you buy in bulk.

4.  Source For UK (thanks Helga!)

The HimalayanCrystal salt is available in the UK from 
Best Care Products 01342 410 303
Cost 14.99 incl p&p for 1 kg.

5. Online Source for the Lyme Strategies recommended natural salts:

Krytal Salt (Hunza or Himalayan)
Hain's Sea Salt

5.  Online Source for Celtic and French Salt - and bulk C, Spirulina, etc. (thanks Eric!)

"I just wanted to pass this site along I just bought 2 pounds of vit C powder (nothing added) for $28. They also have bulk spirulina and chlorella as well. Also they have great prices on natural grey Celtic sea salt and Fleur del sel sea salt."


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