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M. Fett, 
 B.Sc., Researcher,
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Lyme Disease...Finally A Remedy That Works

ince 2004, without fanfare or headlines, a simple, inexpensive, 100% natural protocol has successfully helped literally thousands of Lyme sufferers to become free of their Lyme symptoms worldwide.

Before going any further, please do not mistake this web site for any "Miracle Cure In 72 Hours" type of site, intimations of a "secret" formula, "free bonus" stuff that "used to cost lots of money" and "time limit" offers.  If that's what you were expecting, you've come to the wrong place.  This is a site that simply presents a factual "How-To" guide eBook, written by someone who successfully recovered from severe Lyme infection and has now made it available to others.

We are devoted to the presentation and ongoing practical research on this protocol and other adjuncts as it applies to Lyme infection.  This site has a sister site, a discussion board, which is located at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/lymestrategies/
it is free and you are welcomed to join.

My name is M. Fett.  I am an "Ex-Lymie".  When I say "Ex-Lymie", I mean someone who previously suffered very severe Lyme infection who no longer has Lyme, Babesia, Mycoplasma, and various other co-infections but instead remains free and unrelapsing since 2004.  I continue to test "negative" on medical test these were previously "positive" when ill.........


Individuals suffering 13 years of increasingly severe and degenerative Lyme, despite aggressive antibiotic treatment both oral and I/V, discovered a simple, though extraordinarily effective, protocol that resulted in their becoming free of Lyme symptoms.  They posted their results online on a relatively obscure website.

In 2003, I stumbled across the protocol while searching for a remedy for my own severe and advancing Lyme infection.  I discovered others who had found it but was disappointed to find a great number (two-thirds) could not apply it as described.  

I have an extensive background in holistic health (including healing myself of severe heart arrhythmia and fibrillation years earlier) and spent a great deal of time experimenting with the protocol and studying scientific literature on the components.  I developed several key refinements.  The single most critical refinement was a very precise, exact and safe method of application which would literally “customize” or tailor it to anyone – no matter their level or degree of illness.

The result of this refined version was my complete and unrelapsing alleviation of Lyme.  

A small group of fellow researchers suffering from severe Lyme applied this refined protocol exactly and also saw alleviation of their Lyme symptoms.  I was pressed to release the protocol as a written guide, which I did in digital eBook form in 2004.

Shortly after this, the venerable Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients publication came out with an issue that had an article in it entitled, "Is Lyme Disease The Hidden Cause of Most Chronic Disease?"...and discussed this protocol and cited UCLA research suggesting why the evident effectiveness against the Lyme bacteria.


Since that time, the guide and the protocol has spread throughout the Lyme community.  Besides websites and the extraordinary “word-of-mouth” networking this community is known for, it has been discussed in articles in newspapers, magazines and books,  

To-date, literally thousands worldwide have benefited from the protocol.  There are also Lyme Literate doctors (LLMDs) today who use it as part of their Lyme treatments.  

The results have been extraordinary and continue to come forth.  Among its most important aspects are:  

  • Alleviations have been seen, regardless of gender, age (small children to elderly), ethnicity, country of origin (US, Europe, Australia , etc.), degree of infection or length of time infected.  Individuals have reported reversals and alleviations after having been infected from months to as much as ten, twenty, thirty or more years.  A few individuals in their forties and fifties reported being infected their entire lives.  Additionally, there have been individuals who were re-infected with Lyme and were able to achieve positive outcomes again. 

  • Unlike with conventional treatments and some alternative herbal treatments, the Lyme bacterium (the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi) cannot mutate against, or develop resistance to, the protocol.  The guide contains a scientific abstract showing the key elements in this protocol inhibiting ALL forms and strains of Borrelia both infective and non-infective.  This is why individuals in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. have all seen beneficial results despite varying forms and strains.

  • There have been beneficial results reported with animals – feline, canine and equestrian – which simultaneously is evidence against any “placebo” effect as none exists with animals.

My Own Story...

...is probably a lot like yours. Struck with mysterious, progressive, and eventually, severe symptoms, I saw 7 different healthcare practitioners and took over a year to finally learn I had contracted "Lyme Disease".  

I knew very little about Lyme at that time and had been extremely healthy up that point.  Relieved to finally know, I casually asked, "OK, what do I take for this?"

Little did I know then that I was about to enter the dark nightmare that is Lyme infection.  The symptoms became very classic for me within weeks: agonizing pains, acute neurological and cognitive issues, left hand and leg going numb, a constant "wired", “amping” or tremoring sensation and intermittently "jolted" as if shocked, organs affected (liver, kidneys, spleen, etc.), unusual head and body sensations and pains, night sweats, severe insomnia, tinnitis, blurred vision and “floaters”, and more.

I began an extremely aggressive search for alternative solutions that ended up costing six-digits (as insurance would only cover a few weeks of allowable antibiotic treatment), and even took me to other countries in a urgent search for a remedy to halt the rapid progression...Here is but a partial listing of the various protocols and items applied:

  • A trial of antibiotics

  • Famvir

  • Acyclovir

  • Bob Beck regimen (blood electrifier magnetic pulser water ozonator)

  • Jaguar versions of Beck units (Rife/Beck unit and 5K pulser)

  • Hulda Clark regimen (anti-parasite protocol and electronic zappers)

  • Extended and specialized fasts (including a 28-day fast)

  • Dr. Zhang's Chinese herbal protocol

  • Other Chinese protocols

  • Native American herbal protocols

  • German Homeopathic/botanical injection

  • Other Homeopathics

  • Gerson therapy

  • Lorraine Day protocol

  • Autohemotherapy (I/V ozone/blood treatment)

  • Ozone Insufflations

  • Hyperbaric (HBOT) therapy

  • Peroxide I/V Drip

  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

  • Urine injection

  • Colloidal Silver, Mild Silver Protein, Molecular Silver

  • Polyatomic Apheresis ( Africa )

  • ICHT Hyperthermia treatment ( Italy )

  • Century Wellness Clinic (now Sierra Integrative) I/V therapy

  • Various different Rife devices (Jaguar, EMEM, F-Scan, Ultimate B3, Doug Coil)

  • High-Power Magnetic Pulser

  • PAP-IMI Device

  • Bio-Cleanse

  • Dr. Rene Wellhouse's holistic therapy

  • An array of natural medicinals/ nutraceuticals - Borrelogen, Venus Flytrap extract, Samento, Monastery of Herbs, etc.

  • Transfer Factors

  • and more...  

Literally - if it was out there, I tried it.  

When I was refining the protocol, I found myself driving home one day with a $7.00 bottle of one item and a $10.00 bottle of another sitting on the car seat next to me...and I just shook my head.  Yet, this protocol is what turned me around...finally.

Lyme:  The Silent Pandemic

  • Lyme Disease is an unrecognized pandemicIt has been reported in every state of the US with more reported areas continually coming forth.  According to the Lyme Disease Association (LDA), it has been identified in over 80 countries worldwide and, incredibly, it has even been found in the DNA of ticks in the Subantarctic area (just north of the Antarctic Circle)!

  • ILADS believes newly diagnosed cases of Lyme may occur at a rate five times higher than the number of new AIDS cases

  • It is the number one tick-born illness in the US but less than 50% of patients with Lyme recall getting a tick bite.  

  • Although the famous "bull's-eye" rash is 100% proof-positive of Lyme - less than 50% develop any rash at all.  Atypical forms of this rash are far more common.  A rash can appear and may disappear before you see it.  It may be located on a part of your body that you cannot see, like your scalp, and the rash is also very difficult to see on those who have darker skin.  Absence of the rash does not mean you do not have a tick-borne disease.

  • To-date, there are 5 known subspecies of Borrelia burgdorferi, over 100 strains in the US, and 300 strains worldwide. This diversity is thought to contribute to Borrelia burgdorferi's variability and its various antibiotic resistances.

  • There has never been in the history of this illness any study that proves 30 days of antibiotic treatment cures Lyme disease.  An uncomplicated case of chronic Lyme disease requires an average of 6-12 months of high-dose antibiotic therapy.  The return of symptoms and evidence of the continued presence of Borrelia burgdorferi typically indicates the need for further treatment. 

  • Children 5-14 are at the highest risk of acquiring Lyme disease; some studies show significant IQ drops in students with Lyme that are reversed after treatment.  Lyme disease can also potentially cross the placenta and may possibly have effect upon the fetus.

  • Lyme infection of multiple organ systems causes a wide range of symptoms and is often called the "Great Imitator" as it can virtually imitate any symptom of any disease.


Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed as:

·  Alzheimer's Disease 
  Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
  Multiple Sclerosis 
  Parkinson's Disease 
  ADD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue 
 Chronic Pain

·  Schizophrenia 
  Autoimmune Diseases 
  Degenerative Disc Disease 


Common symptoms of associated with Lyme Disease include:

·  Anxiety 
  Bladder dysfunction 
  Burning or stabbing pain 
  Cardiac Impairment 
  Change in bowel function 
  Chest pain 
  Difficulty thinking or concentration 
  Difficulty speaking or reading 
  Difficulty finding words, name blocking 
  Disorientation. Get lost easily 
  Disturbed sleep:too much, too little 
  Ears/Hearing:buzzing, ringing in ears 
  Eyes -double, blurry, floaters, light sensitive 
  Facial paralysis (Bell's palsy) 
  Fatigue tiredness, poor stamina 
  Heart block/Heart murmur 
  Heart palpitations 
  Heart valve prolapse 
  Increased motion sickness 
  Irritable bladder 
  Joint pain or swelling 
  Low back pain 
  Mood swings 
  Muscle pain or cramps

·  Neck creaks & cracks 
  Neck stiffness, pain 
  Pelvic pain 
  Poor attention 
  Poor balance 
  Poor short-term memory 
  Problems absorbing new information 
  Pulse skips 
  Rib soreness 
  Sexual disfunction/loss of libido 
  Shooting pains 
  Shortness of breath; cough 
  Skin hypersensitivity 
  Sore throat 
  Stiffness of the joints or back 
  Swollen glands 
  Testicular pain 
  Twitching of the face or other muscles 
  Unexplained breast pain 
  Unexplained fever, sweats, chills, flushing 
  Unexplained hair loss 
  Unexplained menstrual irregularity 
  Unexplained milk production 
  Unexplained weight loss or gain 
  Upset stomach or abdominal pain 


The Solution

Now after several years of successful, real world application and further refinement, we are very pleased to be able to announce the release of the brand new, updated version of THE original, definitive reference guide for the protocol -
the same one that freed me and so many others:

The Salt/C Plus Protocol 
for Lyme Infection

This latest updated manual, in digital eBook form, is available for immediate download, has been expanded nearly eightfold over the original guide of 2004 and is THE definitive, exact, step-by-step "blue-print" and guide to this protocol.


Just some of the valuable information contained in this 193-page guide:

»  A special "Quick Start" reference section to allow getting started immediately

»  What you will need to do the protocol

»  Where to find the items needed

»  How to do the protocol, including the exact, specific method or procedure that is critical to its success

»  Schedule chart, measurements guide, tips and recommendations

»  The basic elements of the protocol are actually five, not just salt and vitamin C - what these are and why 

»  Understanding what a "Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction" (or "Herx") is

»  What to expect, what to look for

»  The protocol and children

»  Particular "adjunct" items found to be extremely helpful and particular items for special issues

»  A "Technical Section" detailing why and how the protocol works, including  scientific citations and studies.

»  The "right salt" versus "wrong salt" and why

»  the "low-salt, no-salt myth and scientific truth

 »  the historical, medicinal use of natural salt,,,for instance, did you know salt was used to treat syphilis, caused by Lyme's bacterial "cousin", in the 1800s?

»  Why Vitamin C and what does it do?

»  The protocol and specific body considerations (heart, adrenals, etc.)

»  Key Characteristics of the Lyme bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi), including nearly 20 extraordinary mechanisms and features it uses to elude the immune and proliferate in the body

»  The results of the largest S/C Plus survey ever done

     ...and much more.


If you or a loved one are suffering from the pernicious effects of Lyme infection, I truly believe this protocol will help you or your loved one as it did for me and so many others.  Get your copy today and start your path back out of the woods and back into the sunlight again:

The latest, updated release of The Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection manual in eBook form is available for immediate download for $29.95



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The Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection eBook
is a downloadable file in PDF format.  
You can view it with Acrobat Reader
which you can download here for free:


Note: the book is also available in hardcopy, paperback manual form
at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others for $39.95



.Here are just some of the many unsolicited user reports:

"Dear M., it is hard to believe that life has moved on beyond Lyme Disease. Even harder to believe that this time last year I suffered so badly and so deeply. When you recover from an illness you forget so quickly what living sick was like. I stayed on [the protocol] for nine full months...The protocol is a no-brainer, simple, harmless way out of such a complex, and life destroying illness...[The protocol] saved my life, I went from fighting Lyme disease everyday for over ten years to moving on with life. April 1st is the grand opening of mine and my daughters (also with LD) own coffee house. I accredited all this to [the protocol] and the support of Lymestratagies. Yes indeed, I am doing better then I could ever believe."   -   B.I., United States

"I wanted to report on my son. He is 6.  Been on [the protocol]...Is doing very well.  He was one of those kids that looked a little autistic until I found the Lyme I gave him in utero...He has been on diets, supps, antifungals, and [the protocol]....chelation on and off.  Have seen slow and steady improvements all along.  Now, he looks typical.  He is vibrant and healthy.  He has friends.  He is happy.  We don't need the speech, OT, and PT we had been getting over 12 hours per week anymore. Lots to celebrate." -  C.W., United States

"I have Lyme 29 years, misdiagnosed 22 years here in Australia.  Five 'top' neurologists could find nothing wrong with me.  One doc thought I had MS, but my MRI was OK.  I ended up in a wheelchair sometimes and using a walking frame for years because of my severe neurological symptoms.  I went to counseling but it did not change the fact that I was having trouble sitting up, walking, seeing, etc.  I found I had Lyme thanks to much prayer and the internet.  The [protocol] has brought tremendous improvements in my health and I am finally doing things I couldn't do for decades.  I am walking miles, have recently traveled to Canada, Hawaii and the USA, been camping in a 2-man tent, shopping without help (yahooo!), driving my car and more recently driving a manual van!  I never thought I would be able to cope with that.  Prior to [the protocol] I believe I was dying.  I was mostly housebound and was having nasty falls, due to severe vertigo.  Hang in there...[the protocol] works and it is all worth it."  -  R.T.,  Australia

"As always: for those that don't know me, I preface my report with the fact that I've had lyme disease for 37 years...Today I'm still tired, but am almost back to normal...and tomorrow I plan to go to the gym!!!  As briar patches go, it was incredibly potent and incredibly brief.  So that was the good news.  Now the GREAT news.  It is the most significant news for me for the ENTIRE protocol: I have been experiencing windows of ENERGY over these last few weeks.  This is without diet change or supplements.  The fact that I am experiencing these for the first time in my adult life is an amazing feeling.  At first I thought I was imagining them.  But it has happened a couple of times where I wasn't able to just remained seated & had to get up and DO something.  It even happened early on in the herx!!!  Such a totally foreign feeling!!!  Lastly, an infected cyst I had on my back is completely healed (weeks ago). And now there is no longer a cyst there!!!  -  P.R.,  Australia

"I weigh 120 lbs and have had Lyme disease for 4 years...Terrible sore throat and swollen glands at throat for 4 years are mostly gone...I would give out of breath sometimes just walking from my bedroom to the bathroom...This is completely gone...Brain fog seems to be completely gone...Hoarseness is gone (I guess this was due to the sore throat for so long...I have been really fortunate not to have any real major herxing so far and have every intention of staying the course...I am excited about my progress and really know that this works. Thanks again to everyone and keep going with the program because it does work."  - S. G.  United States

The statements by others on this site are examples of reports continuously received.  These are given as anecdotal reports for informational purposes only.  The protocol has not been subject to evaluation by the FDA and is considered a research protocol only.  One must always consult with his or her appropriate healthcare provider wherever there is a question of illness, diagnosis and treatment.


One Year Money Back Guarantee
Follow the instructions in my e-Book and if anytime in the next 12 months you feel they have not improved your health situation contact contact us with original receipt for a 100% refund.

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